When You Say Nothing At All

There is a saying…something about when good people do nothing….that I haven’t been able to shake since watching three of the January 6th Committee hearings the past couple of weeks.  That’s usually the sign that I need to get my thoughts out by writing about it. Those of a certain political party will almost assuredlyContinue reading “When You Say Nothing At All”

What Is The Solution?

It happened again.  Another shooting.  More lives lost.  More outrage.  And nothing will change. Even as I write these words I can’t help but wonder what is wrong with the United States of America that we can’t see something has to be done.  Gun control?  Mental health services? What is the answer?  While the initialContinue reading “What Is The Solution?”

Good and Bad People

Today is Police Officer Memorial Day in Minnesota. Twenty years or more ago, this day had special meaning for a lot of people. Then the misconduct of Officers across the nation came to light and for many Americans, the phrase “Police Officer” took on an entirely different connotation. I have been extremely fortunate to knowContinue reading “Good and Bad People”

Our Legacy Through Work

Tomorrow will be the last day for one of our longer-term employees. Each time someone leaves, through retirement or just moving on to other opportunities, I can’t help but wonder what they must be feeling. Submitting the resignation notice must be exciting, but as the days go by between their resignation and their last day,Continue reading “Our Legacy Through Work”

Did I Mention It’s Free?

Ask any author what is the single most difficult part of the job and you’ll get a dozen different answers. What most will agree, however, is that getting people to buy your book can be frustrating as heck. You’ve spent months, or in some cases even years, hammering out your masterpiece and somehow landed aContinue reading “Did I Mention It’s Free?”