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Great Mysteries Of Life

There are great mysteries in life, as we all know, but none more devastating than losing someone we love who simply vanishes seemingly into thin air. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly common occurrence that has gone on for centuries. Only now, in this day and age, when news travels faster than you can say the words,…

Code Switching

Recently I heard an unfamiliar phrase that caused me to do some research. It was “code-switching”. Maybe you have heard of it before, but in this day and age when people refer to homeless as “unhoused” and when teachers are now called “educators”, I wasn’t sure if it was something I already knew about or…

A Balloon

It started with a simple balloon.  Well, not so simple really as the balloon in question was the size of two full-size school buses and, depending on which side you believe, either a simple weather balloon or a spy tool being used to gather intel on the United States’ defense systems and communications. In a…

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