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Have you ever had a moment when reality hits you gobsmack in the face?  Where the fantasy world you have built in your mind shatters?  That was me yesterday. My sister and I have a penchant for attending concerts by bands that were top of the charts when we were growing up. REO Speedwagen, Foreigner,Continue reading “Gobsmacked”

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January 1, 1983 – the day the world and our idea of how to be kind changed.  For many of us, myself included, the day was New Year’s Day.  A day to recover from a late night or to sit in front of the TV glued to bowl games and wonder how long your commitmentContinue reading “The Net”


A big part of my non-author life is administering elections.  Years ago, it wasn’t such a big part, but as the country has grown divided over politics and as our State legislature in Minnesota changes laws regarding elections, elections seem to have become more of a year-round job rather than just once or twice aContinue reading “Elections”

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