Are family vacations during summer break still a thing or have we all become too used to spending time apart with our noses stuck in an electronic device? Those of us of a certain age and generation more likely than not have fond memories of the summer family vacation. Whether mimicking the movie Family VacationContinue reading “SUMMER VACATIONS – MORE THAN JUST ROAD TRIPS”


We’ve reached that time of the year when colleges and high schools across the country are celebrating commencement with lengthy ceremonies featuring student speakers, choirs, dignitaries and more. As these graduates gather together with family and friends, more likely than not a special speaker will be invited to address the students before they go outContinue reading “GETTING AROUND TO IT”

Great Mysteries Of Life

There are great mysteries in life, as we all know, but none more devastating than losing someone we love who simply vanishes seemingly into thin air. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly common occurrence that has gone on for centuries. Only now, in this day and age, when news travels faster than you can say the words,Continue reading “Great Mysteries Of Life”

Another Lottery Jackpot – Another Life Changed?

As much as my friends, family and I prayed, we did not purchase our recent Mega Millions tickets in Maine.  By now everyone probably knows that the winning ticket of over $1.3 billion was purchased at a small little store in a probably small little town in Maine.  If you are like me, you experiencedContinue reading “Another Lottery Jackpot – Another Life Changed?”