Did I Mention It’s Free?


Ask any author what is the single most difficult part of the job and you’ll get a dozen different answers. What most will agree, however, is that getting people to buy your book can be frustrating as heck. You’ve spent months, or in some cases even years, hammering out your masterpiece and somehow landed a publishing contract and now that the book is out there, standing out in the millions of books published is nearly impossible!

If you were lucky enough to land a contract with one of the big publishing companies (who knew there are only five?!), their promotion departments go to work on your behalf and books can land on the best sellers list in mere weeks. That, of course, is the exception rather than the rule. For those of us using smaller publishing houses, marketing becomes a tag-team affair with much of it falling on the author. After the initial flurry of friends and family buying the newly published book, it’s up to the author to figure out a way to find readers and encourage them to plop down their $20.95 to actually buy the book.

Word of mouth is tough. Your book can be really, really good, but people are busy and sitting around talking about the great book they read over the weekend doesn’t happen as much as it used to. Even asking people who claimed to have loved your book to leave an online review yields little results.

But, if your publisher (mine is Black Rose Writing) is really good, they will step in and do something awesome like give a Kindle version of your book away at absolutely no cost for one day only. It was pretty exciting to be chosen for this giveaway and I used it to my advantage by hitting social media hard in the days leading up to giveaway day. At midnight last night, “I Carry Your Heart”, became free for Kindle download just this one day!

Will this free giveaway prompt people to actually log on to their computers and download the book? Will they like the book enough to leave a great review online? Only time will tell, but the only way to grow my readership is to get people to actually read the book and then pray that the words on those pages have enough of an impact to get them to tell friends and have those friends tell their friends and so on and so forth.

My book is good. It’s not just arrogance for me to say that. It’s been reviewed by other authors who agree with me, and most importantly, my Mom likes it! If you are reading this blog today, April 24, 2022, and you haven’t yet read “I Carry Your Heart”, please get your free Kindle copy and after you finish, tell everyone how great it was and how smart you were to get it free!

Now, I shall step down from my soapbox! Have a wonderful day everyone and enjoy the book!


Published by walkbal1372

Barbara A. Luker is the author of "Remembering You" (publication 2020) - a story of love, loss and finding the way back. She is a life-long resident of Saint Peter, Minnesota where she hones her writing craft working for the City of Saint Peter. Luker is a Certified Municipal Clerk, a devoted fan of the Minnesota Wild, and a supporter of numerous animal rescue organizations.

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